Granite is more preferable in the cladding of many building structures and also suitable for use on kitchen, work tops, office counters and internal building décor. Generally, it has the lowest water absorption and highest compression strength of all natural stones used in construction. Granites like spray white, C- impala, black galaxy, T- red, F-Q, G-655 and other types are available.


We have a re-crystalized limestone with main contents calcium and dolomite. It ranges in many colors and usually heavily veined showing lots of grains. It is recommended for use in private residential buildings and mostly for indoor applications. We have variations in color and shade such as CJ, white, green forest, sunny, water fall green, local marble, and etc. Marble tiles with chips and cracks can indicate a weakness in the tile.


Ceramic and Porcelain

Always best ceramic and porcelain materials are characterized with the following points and our products fulfill those characteristics.
Dirt Resistance: Ceramic and porcelain tiles do not retain dust or residues as easily as many other flooring surfaces. They can be easily cleaned with common household materials. Additionally, they do not need polishing or buffing to maintain their finish. A day-to-day cleaning procedure retains the look of the finish and shine on this type of flooring.

Stain Resistance: The stain resistance of ceramic and porcelain tile varies depending on its capacity to resist moisture. Glazed tiles and even some unglazed tiles resist all types of stains and. We can also give you guidance on how to clean up common types of tile flooring stains.

Slip/Skid Resistance: One practical consideration is the level of slip resistance your tile floor requires. Slip resistance involves two factors – your tile floor’s likely exposure to spills, and your environmental requirements. The more your floor will be exposed to spills, the higher your need is for a slip-resistant floor tile. Also, homes with younger children, disabled or elderly people need to have floor tiles with slip resistant characteristics.
Color Permanence: Because our products’ have color is fired into a tile’s clay or onto a tile’s glazed surface, fading does not occur. The colors in ceramic tiles do not fade even if exposed to direct sunlight.
Hygiene: The surface of our quality ceramic and porcelain tile does not easily retain antigens or allergens, nor do they absorb fumes, odors or smoke. This feature enables good hygiene and makes these tiles a suitable flooring material for any environment where hygiene is essential.

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