Sapphire Dimensional Stone is an importer of granite and marble, ceramic and porcelain in Ethiopia. We import and supply floor tiles, wall cladding and kitchen tops. Additionally, all kind of tread, riser, door chills, window chills, copping’s available by variety of colors.

The most important characteristics of dimensional stones lie on the cracks and appearance because the veins, cracks and fissures in dimensional stone give it a naturally artistic appearance, but can also affect its strength. The surface of quality stones do not have fissures or fractures that go all the way through it.

Our products are clear from manufacturers also application of fiberglass or epoxy mesh reinforcements on the backside of lower quality and weaker products used to ensure that the tile does not break.

Our products are also having high calibration and dimension that the thickness for example offers one indication of its quality. This avoids cutting tools can get off track and misalign, and causing slightly trapezoidal tile shapes during the cutting process, which is not good for creating tight and equal grout lines. Select our products that are of the same dimensions, height, length and depth, when you want a level floor or countertop.







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